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  • a group of Creatives working together to create amazing experiences
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  • Game delevopers
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Take a look at all of Mine Entertainment projects

To: The Sunny Side

To: The Sunny Side is a Slice of Life animated Webshow about Jackie and Robyn going on a Road trip in their Van to the Sunny Side



T:TSS is created by Mine Studios and is available on Youtube

Mine Entertainment Award (winning) show

The MEAWS Re an annual Award show hosted and held by MIne Entertainment to award the Best podcasters, indie game devs, animators, and Authors


The MEAWS are being produced by MIne Studios

Tales from the Inn

In Tales from the Inn, you follow the mysterious Protagonist as they take on missions by other Guests and maybe get to know their stories on the way


TFTI is being produced by Mine Studios and Mine Podcasting and is available everywhere you can listen to podcasts

Rainbow Heaven

Rainbow Heaven is the German and English Topic Podcast by Victoria mine and Colin


This podcast is published by Mine Podcasting and is available everywhere you can listen to Podcastst


a Nights Taxi - Stories from Mirrògê 

In A nights Taxi, you follow Bjorn Jeux as they uncover the mystery of an assasaination of the richest Tech millionaire in Mirrògê and their friend

MIrroge is a production by Myíne Studios and MIne Podcasting an is available everywhere you can listen to podcasts

A Good Ending - What happens after?


Age - What happens after takes on the topic of What happens after the story is over



between our founding in 2019 and now a lot has happened, here’s what:


2019, Mine Entertainment was funded as Mine Studios and began filming low quality stop motions films, wich are nolonger available on the Internet. The Quality of ME Projects has much improved ever since


In 2020, Mine Entertainment old Creative Head has decided to jump ship, leaving the without a leader


Two Months later, Victoria Mine, former Book Author of Minr Studiosbecame Owner of Mine Stuios and brought in the Motion to Re- brand the Studio into Minr Entertainment 

(All Content created by the former CH's in connection to ME has been deleted) 







On March 31st 2022, To: The Sunny Side was released after a three Month Production period. This marks the start for all ME Visual projects after


Also in 2021, Victoria Mine has officially taken in Leadership of ME as the third Creative Head of former Minr Studios


In 2022, Mine Entertainment decided to change its structure. Instead of one big organisation, Mine Entertainment has split itself into three parts. The Old known Mine Studios, Mine Podcasting and Mine Games


Also the first Annual MEAWS have been announced wich are going to be a yearly highlight in the future of ME


also in 2022, our Patreon started to build the first method of how our fans can support us in creating  Content in more quality 

There`s more!

but our History doesn't end there! there is still a lot to come in the future, check this part of the website regularly to see what happened!


Mine Universal has been declared the tollatarian leader of Entertainment on all planets populated by Humans 




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