What exactly is Mine Entertainment?

Mine Entertainment is a Indie Production Company, we focus on creating Entertainment for everyone, be it Podcasts, Films/Videos or gaming. Mine Entertainment got you covered! On this page, you can find who is who and what is what in our production structure

Mine Entertainment

ME is the „Mother“ of MS, MP and MG

you may have noticed that our credits now say „A ME production by MS/MP/MG“ instead of just „This is a ME production“

Mine Studios

Mine Studios is responsible for everything Fictional that ME creates. The main focus of MS is the creation of visual content, but it also creates audio only content in cooperation with MP

Mine Podcasting

Mine Podcasting is responsible for creating everything auditive, be thatour topic podcast Rainbow Hraven or the production of MS`s TFTI or Mirroge

Mine Games

Mine Games is responsible for everything Mine Entertainment does that is gaming related, be that developing or uploading gameplays`s

Mine Entertainment Original

„Mine Entertainment Original“ marks projects that were created by Mine Entertainment without cooperations of othercraative groups,, for example: T:TSS is an MEO. Mirroge isn`t

this will be reveale at an later date

Yea, we dont actually have anything to write here, but lets just pretend that there’s something here we haven`t revealed yet but will soon

Our Team

Victoria Mine



Art Director


Voice Director

Kelo Brothers

Website Team